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Tax system

We come with all economic actors and let's intervene mainly in the domains of the Fiscal law and let's offer the following benefits:

  • Fiscal management (local and international tax system)
  • To the aforesaid fiscal/Due fiscal Diligence
  • Aid to the definition of fiscal policies
  • udy of fiscal optimization for group of societies or professional grouping
  • Negotiation of derogatory régimes
  • Installation of files of pleasures to the investment
  • Restructuring of enterprises and group of societies (fusion, acquirement, closeness of enterprises,
  • Patrimonial advice
  • Price of transfer (development of the transfer documentation price, sécurisation and defense in case of control)
  • Advice and defense in the tax field audit and tax litigation
  • Formations
  • FisTax system of the enterprises
  • International tax system
  • Mining and oil tax system
  • Tax system of door (Customs)
  • Tax system of people and international mobility
  • Real estate tax system
  • Patrimonial tax system