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Right Of the Busines

We help our customers and let's intervene mainly in the following domains of the Right of the business:

Corporation law:

  • Constitution of societies, branches and offices of link or representation
  • Legal secretariat: Statutory modifications, yearly Approval of the accounts, Management of the mandates of the leaders,
  • Restructurings (Fusions-Acquirements, partial contribution of assets, Separations - Dissolution)
  • Set in harmony of the by-laws
  • Transfer of shares or actions
  • Pacts extrastatutaires
  • Audit juridique

General commercial law:

  • Negotiation and writing of contracts
  • International contracts - Distribution - Competition
  • Commercial leaseses
  • Intellectual property
  • Banking right and the insurances
  • Arbitration and contentious

Social right :

  • Writing of acts: Work contracts, internal regulations,
  • Rupture of the work contract: Layoff, resignation, negotiated departure, retirement,
  • Treatment of the rupture and his/her/its consequences: contestation, transaction and indemnification
  • Mobility of the workers within the groups societies: Set to disposition, detachment, ready of hand-d'œuvre,
  • Professional immigration and social welfare
  • Social treatment following a restructuring of enterprises

Control of exchange:

  • Analysis of the implications concerning regulation of changes of the transactions (fluxes of capital) to the stranger or coming from the outside.